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The priciest and most affordable homes sold in San Francisco in May

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San Francisco’s real estate market is unlike any other market in the country. Typically listed as the most expensive city to purchase a home in America, with just one square foot of SF property costing about $1,000, it’s also one of the most expensive markets in the entire world. Bay Area bargains are practically non-existent, unless you don’t mind buying a house that must be moved to a new address or a plot of land underwater (believe it or not, some of the most expensive blocks in the city were built on shipwrecks).

As reported recently in the San Francisco Gate, we have put together what we found to be the most expensive and least expensive residential properties sold in the city limits over the last month.

According to Redfin, 641 properties were sold in San Francisco between March 15 and April 15. The most expensive, 2973-2975 Jackson St., actually sold on April Fools’ Day for a whopping $8.3 million.

The six-bed, 7,400-square-foot duplex in Pacific Heights, two blocks from the desirable “Gold Coast” stretch of Broadway, was sold by an agent with Compass.

“In the heart of Pacific Heights, behind an understated facade, a spacious modern masterpiece is ready to blow your mind,” the blurb reads. “Part New York loft, part traditional, this huge space ... offers creative people plenty of flexible options for glamorous entertaining as well as cozy, intimate gatherings.”

It also included “site-specific art pieces” to entice dinner guests, who can park in the building’s five-car garage. “This place is special,” concludes the description.

The home was originally listed at $7,495,000 and previously sold for a little under $7 million in 2006.

At the other end of the San Francisco real estate ladder, we found a tiny studio downtown. Apartment seven, which is a 330-ft tenancy in common at 520 Natoma St., sold for $280,000 last week. The unit is on the third floor of a blue Edwardian property built in 1911.

The description says that the building was remodeled in 2018, and the “sunny south facing studio” features bamboo floors and bay windows, but no parking is available. Although it’s the cheapest sale in recent weeks, its small size does not change the fact that the price per square foot is still $848. Four years ago, the studio previously sold for $425,000.

Some research into the archives determined that when first offered in 1912, the building was sold as “the finest apartments South of Market.” In 1959, the apartment was available for rent for just $25 a month.

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