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San Francisco’s Latest Real Estate Investments and Market Data

San Francisco Window Replacement

Named the Golden City for the Gold Rush, its beaches, sunsets and iconic Golden State Bridge, San Francisco boasts a major tech industry and relationship to Silicon Valley. This makes San Francisco one of the wealthiest and most expensive cities in the country.

San Fran’s Real Estate Market Trends

As reported in Benzinga, median home prices in San Francisco are much higher than in most other major cities in the country. With a lower than average 11.8% year-over-year increase, median prices still significantly surpass the $424,000 national median home price. Median home prices in this market have stayed well over $1,200,000 for several years and are currently on an upward trend.

San Fran’s Rental Market

San Francisco’s median rent is $3,157 and their rental vacancy is at 5.6%. For some perspective, median rental prices in the city have experienced a year-over-year increase of 10.4% compared to 16.4% nationally yet still remain well above national median rent prices. San Francisco’s rental vacancy rate has dropped 2.8% compared to the 5.8% national average.

What Real Estate Investments in San Francisco are Now

At the moment, there are 84 multifamily and residential income properties for sale in San Francisco listed on Loopnet.

The most intriguing multifamily properties for sale in San Francisco right now include:

74 Crestline Drive - A 12-unit apartment building at the top of Twin Peaks overlooking San Francisco Bay and downtown is on sale for $6,999,995. It's a pristine property with beautiful renovations and recent turnover for higher rental prices.

280-282 7th St - A 2-building mixed-use opportunity is for sale in the SOMA district for $3,250,000. There are 20 residential and 1 commercial unit close to shopping, parks, and restaurants.

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