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Study shows that more than 120,000 Bay Area residents spend at least 3 hours commuting each day

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For those living in San Francisco, Oakland or Hayward, there is a 4.8 percent chance it takes you over an hour and a half just to get to work, and another 90 minutes or so getting back home. That means around 95,600 people are crowding onto BART trains and who are congesting highways daily, according to a new study on working trends.

As reported in, your commute is possibly a little better in the South Bay. According to the Apartment List study, compiled from 2017 American Community Survey microdata, 3 percent of folks in San Jose, Sunnyvale and Santa Clara take more than 90 minutes to get to work. The study did not include data for the North Bay or greater East Bay.

Stockton and Lodi, located nearly 80 miles east of San Francisco, have the highest share of super commuters (people with one-way commutes over 90 minutes) in the nation: over 11 percent of their combined populations.

Modesto, 90 miles southeast of San Francisco, falls just behind Stockton, with 8.7 percent of its population on the road more than 90 minutes to work each day.

The study doesn't specify where the Stockton and Modesto residents are traveling, but they most likely are headed to the Bay Area, the closest major job hub.

The data is not so surprising. The Bay Area, with its high-paying jobs and huge housing costs, is where super commuters head to, a phenomenon that has increased throughout the area in recent years.

Per the national average, super commuters earn 20.9 percent more than the median American worker employed full-time with a commute under 90 minutes. The study also found that the highest earners are significantly more likely to have a super commute. One in 23 people making more than $100,000 in the nation are considered super commuters.

It’s possible that super commuters are statistically more likely to own their homes, and "unique commuting patterns may be driven either by a desire to purchase a home or remain in one's home, even as job opportunities arise," the study's authors write.

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